Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cool new video of "Spacious Thoughts" from Kool Keith and Tom Waits...a must-see with wonder glasses....

OPC Playlist for Thursday November 19, 2009

~8:05 Beau Hunks, "Birdlife in the Bronx", A Celebration...
8:07 The Books (featuring Jose Gonzales), "Cello Song", Dark was the Night
8:11 Andrew Bird, "Anonanimal", Noble Beast
8:15 Emily Wells, Symphony #5, The Symphonies...
8:19 Laura Veirs, "Lake Swimming", Year of Meteors
8:23 Flaming Lips, "One More Robot/ 3000-21", Yoshimi...
8:27 Radiohead, "Weird Fishes, Arpeggi", In Rainbows
8:33 Lemon Jelly, "Closer", Lost Horizons
8:41 Citizen Cope, "Back Together", Every Waking Moment
8:44 Nina Simone, "Feeling Good (Joe Claussel ReMix)", Verve Remixed
8:50 Nat King Cole, "Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere (Amp Fiddler Rmx)", Re:Generations
8:53 Sia, "Electric Bird", Some People Have Real Problems
9:00 Los Felinos, "Electrocutango", Tango: Putumayo
9:04 Gianmaria Testa, "Preperisco Cosi", Altre Testa
9:08 Emily Wells, Symphony #10, The Symphonies...
9:12 Andrew Bird, "Not a Robot, But a Ghost", Noble Beast
9:17 Iron & Wine, "Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)", The Shepherd's Dog
9:21 Flaming Lips, "Waiting For A Superman", The Soft Bulletin
9:26 Cake, "Waiting", Pressure Chief
9:29 They Might Be Giants, "Clap Your Hands", A Users Guide to...
9:31 OK Go, "Shooting The Moon", New Moon Soundtrack
9:35 Eliott Lipp, "The Outside", The Outside
9:38 Flaming Lips, "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate", The Soft Bulletin
9:44 Shirley Bassey, "Diamonds Ae Forever", Shirley Bassey ReMixed
9:48 NASA, "Way Down", The Spirit of Apollo
9:53 N.A.S.A., "Spacious Thoughts (Feat. Tom Waits & Cool Keith)", The Spirit of Apollo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

OPC Thursday, November 12, 2009

~8:06 Beau Hunks, "Birdlife in the Bronx", A Celebration on the Planet Mars
8:08 Paul McCartney, "Great Day", Funny People Soundtrack
8:10 Tom Waits, "Please Call Me Baby", The Heart of Saturday Night
8:15 Billie Holliday, "Don't Explain", Verve Remixed
8:19 Taken By Trees, "Watch The Waves", East of Eden
8:23 Gianmaria Testa, "Il Viaggio", Putumayo Italia
8:28 Lemon Jelly, "Come", LemonJelly.KY
8:33 Elbow, "Starlings", The Seldom Seen Kid
8:39 Emily Wells, "Symphony 2 & the Click Boom Boom", The Symphonies...
8:44 Beck, "Dark Star", The Information
8:47 Zero 7, "Everything Up", Yeah Ghost
8:53 Kleptones, "Last Words
8:56 William Orbit, Waveforms
9:03 Beth Orton, "Central Reservation", Central Reservation
9:07 Ceu, "Cordao Da Insonia", Vagarosa
9:12 Cake, "Thrills", B-Sides & Rareties
9:15 Cymande, "Genevieve (Greyboy w/ Bart Davenport), Rewind! 3
9:22 Fink, "Walkin' in the Sun", Sort of Revolution
9:27 Cake, "Wheels", Pressure Chief
9:30 Beck, "Soldier Jane", The Information
9:37 Radiohead, "Jigsaw Falling Into Place", In Rainbows
9:41 Radiohead, "All I Need" In Rainbows
9:46 Elbow, "The Bones of You", The Seldom Seen Kid
9:50 Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On", Gimme Fiction
9:55 Rikki Lee Jones, "Roadkill", Ghostyhead
9:59 Monkey Bars, "Baby Elephant Walk", Upstairs at Larry's

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obsequious Purple Clairvoyant Playlist November 5, 2009

~8:03 Beau Hunks, "Birdlife in the Bronx", A Celebration on Planet Mars
8:05 Emily Wells, "Whiskey and Rags", Dirty
8:09 Oren Lavie, "Her Morning Elegance", From the Opposite Side of the Sea
8:15 Fink, "Walkin in the Sun", Sort of Revolution
8:18 Beth Orton, Central Reservation, Central Reservation
8:23 Laura Veirs, "Where Gravity is Dead", Year of Meteors
8:26 Fink, "Six Weeks", Sort of Revolution
8:30 David Bazan, "Hard to Be", Curse Your Branches
8:35 Nino Moschella, "Stella", Boomshadow
8:47 Zero 7, "Pop Art Blue", Yeah Ghost
8:52 Ceu, "Sonambulo", Vagarosa
8:55 Beth Orton, "Stars All Seem to Weep", Central Reservation
9:07 Nina Simone, "Feelin Good" (Joe Claussell ReMix), Verve Remixed
9:14 Nat King Cole, "Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere" , Re-Generations...
9:18 Ceu, "Cordao Da Insonia", Vagarosa
9:20 Zero 7, "Everything Up", Yeah Ghost
9:30 Mike Doughty, "Nectarine", Golden Delicious
9:33 Brendan Benson, "Eyes on the Horizon", My Old Familiar Friend
9:36 TV On The Radio, "Love Dog", Dear Science
9:45 Laura Veirs, "Parisian Dream", Year of Meteors
9:50 Emily Wells, "Fountain of Youth", Beautiful Sleepyhead &...
9:53 David Bazan, "Heavy Breath", Curse Your Branches
9:57 David Bazan, "When We Fell", Curse Your Branches
10:00 Dodos, "The Fables", Time to Die
10:06 Monkey Bars, "Baby Elephant Walk", Upstairs at Larry's

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