Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obsequious Purple & Clairvoyant Playlist 2-26-09...

OPC playlist for February 26th....and smidgens of clairvoyance...

Beau Hunks, "Bird Life In The Bronx", Celebration on the Planet Mars
Tom Waits, "Can't Wait To Get Off Work", Small Change
Tom Waits, "Diamonds on My Windshield", Heart of Saturday Night
Tangle Eye, "John Henry's Blues", Alan Lomax's Southern Journey
M Ward, "Blake's View" Hold Time
Peter Mulvey, "Sign O' the Times", Goodbye Bob
Ani DiFranco, "Phase", Evolve
Emily Wells, "Symphony #1", The Symphonies....
Bon Iver, "Woods", New EP
Thievery Corporation, "Omid (Hope)", The Richest Man in Babylon
Oren Lavie, "Her Morning Elegance", The Opposite Side of the Sea
Ollabelle, "See Line Woman", Riverside Battle Songs
Ollabelle, "Brokedown", Before This Time
Andrew Bird, "Oh No", Noble Beast
Benji Hughes, "All You've Got To Do Is Fall In Love", A Love Extreme
Beck, "Soldier Jane, The Information
Beatles, "Come Together/Dear Prudence", Love Soundtrack
Ollabelle, "Soul of A Man", Ollabelle
Stevie Wonder, "Pastime Paradise", Songs in the Key of Life
Dosh, "Um, In Square Circles", The Lost Take
Emily Wells, "Symphony #3", The Symphonies...
Stevie Wonder, "Ordinary Pain", Songs in the Key of Life
Natacha Atlas & Burnan Ocal, "Habibi", A Night in Istanbul
AR Rahman, "Ringa Ringa", Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Zero 7, "Salt Water Sound", Simple Things
Galactic, "Squarepusher", From the Corner to the Block
Theivery Corporation, "Warning Shots", The Cosmic Game
Monkey Bars, "Baby Elephant Walk", Upstairs at Larry's"

. . . . and chatter box w/ Monsieur Clearwater . . . .

*over and out*


  1. Thanks for another great reveille this morning (2/26).

    Down here in the grottos of SkunkTail Bottom, Waits and Tangle Eye fortunately flanged me up and moving again after wrangling electrons 'til the wee hours. OPC is better than caffeine! And much more effective than a rinky-dink alarm clock. Beats Beeblebrox, too.

    BTW, if I didn't mention this a while back: Thanks for clueing folks to Bobby Lounge...IMO one of the niftiest entertainers ever.


  2. I missed you this morning. I had something lined up for our talk between shows that was going to be funny or stupid or silly or brilliant or something in between. Oh well. It will have to wait for two weeks from today!