Thursday, May 13, 2010

OPC Playlist 5-13-10....


       ....the Buddha, the garbagecan, the cross....

8:05 Beau Hunks, "Birdlife in the Bronx", A Celebration...
8:08 Presidents of the United State of America, "Loose Balloon", ...Good Times...
8:11 Lou Barlow, "The Right", Goodnight Unknown
8:14 Laura Veirs,"Where Are You Driving", July Flame
8:19 Emily Wells, "Fountain of Youth", Beautiful Sleepyhead...
8:23 Lou Barlow, "Too Much Freedom", Goodnight Unknown
8:27 Ben Harper, "Better Way", Both Sides of the Gun
8:38 Radiohead, "Morning Bell", Kid A
8:42 Spoon, "Out Go the Lights", Transferrence
8:46 Mindy Smith, "The Word", This Bird Has Flown
9:49 Tom Waits, "the story...", Big Time
8:50 Cake, "Thrills", B-Sides & Rareities
8:53 English Beat, "Twist and Crawl", I Just Can't Stop It
8:56 Beck, "Cellphones Dead", The Information
9:07 Roger Miller, "Dang Me", Best of....
9:09 Jim White, "Crash into the Sun", Transnormal Skipperoo
9:14 Dr Dog, "Someday", Shame, Shame
9:18 Jim's Big Ego, "Feelin' Groovy", Don't Get Smart
9:22 Laura Viers, "Summer is the Champion", July Flame
9:27 Barenaked Ladies, "Pinch Me", Maroon
9:37 Ween, "Ocean Man", The Mollusk
9:39 Gomez, "Airstream Driver", A New Tide
9:43 Lou Barlow, "Gravitate", Goodnight Unknown
9:47 Spoon, "Mystery Zone", Transference
9:51 Flaming Lips, "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate", The Soft Bulletin
9:56 DJ Shadow, "What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 4", Endntroducing...

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