Monday, January 12, 2009

What this country needs...

You may have heard Ant Neely's music while watching television (if you do that kind of thing...) Six Feet Under, Boston Legal, Las Vegas. Neely also writes songs, and he released an album late late year called Not Fit For Human Consumption, using audio from the prelinger archives, an amazing resources for all kinds of archival stuff. He took sounds and voice from old films reels and set them to music...

I like a number of the songs on this album....and even better: Neely released the album under a creative commons license, which means that he encourages people to share the music and remix it into new creative forms. You can download the album for free at his website, and donate what you think it's worth too.

Here's a video remix of some of the archival footage used on the album. It's an interesting, low-budg experiment. Slightly creepy footage. The well-scrubbed beatnik is former a mousketeer, Jimmy Dodd. I love the half-man/half-woman dancers at the end. Definitely worth a look while you download Neely's album.

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